Welcome to Here Studio—the creative "space" of Abigael Tripp. I am a designer, artist, and poet, but really just a human who has a natural compulsion to make beautiful things. And hopefully those beautiful things can serve a purpose deeper than aesthetics. To authentically connect with people. To communicate a feeling or a message. To tell the story of your product or service. To reach through the void and say: don’t forget all the light. 

I presently have the pleasure of working as the lead designer at Tender Loving Empire in Portland, Oregon. Much of the work you see here is a result of my time there. I also love to do commissions and take on side projects, so don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to work with me. 



West Coast/Best Coast

In April of 2017, Tender Loving Empire opened their fourth location—the PDX airport store. And so I was tasked with designing over 100 products that rep our region. The Sea to Sky dad hat is available for purchase on the TLE site.




"The shaping of light by consciousness—that is creation."
- Gary Zukav

This Is Our Home

Our house is built
of pure light
and it is a choice.
Each day we create a life.
We throw our bodies

into this holy sea,
into the wind,
into each other.

Sometimes I forget
that you are not me
and so I am here
to tell you that beneath
the earth of my body

there is dark,
there is wet,
there is wanting.

You feel the texture of my breath,
though you cannot hold it.
Though my lungs are not your own.


New Herring Press

“We believe that books can be meaningful not only because of what they say on the page but also because of how they speak about the cooperation underlying their own production.”