I (Abigael Tripp) am a designer, artist, and poet based in Portland, Oregon.  

Here Studio is my creative "space" to share my work and play. 

I am currently the lead designer for Tender Loving Empire (a local record label and marketplace for handmade goods). I have the pleasure of getting to do product design, art direction, design for marketing, album cover design, window displays, and lots of other fun stuff. I also work as a freelancer on various design projects with local businesses and members of the community creating anything from wedding invitations to websites.

For the last 10+ years I have been drawing, printmaking, designing, writing, collaborating, and curating. From 2008 to 2013 I attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art, graduating with a BFA in Communication Design. Before TLE, I spent the last couple years at a local ad agency working with a number of clients including SOREL, Marquis Companies, Intel, and Bridgeport Brewing. 

Recently I have been obsessed with experimental flower arranging and drawing anything I lay my eyes on. Catch me on instagram to follow all my latest creative endeavors.